Friday, 18 May 2012

Micro Hydro Pre-Feasibility study at Tabin

On 8-9th May, we conducted a micro hydro site pre feasibility study at Tabin wildlife sanctuary for Borneo Rhino Alliance (BORA). we visited four possible sites around the Tabin wildlife complex. The goal is to find a suitable site to build a micro hydro system that could replace the ageing diesel generators at Tabin. Apart from knowing the hydro potential in Tabin, it was a very educational visit for my team especially on wildlife and conservation of the critically endangred Sumatran Rhinos... lots of sharing from our very dedicated host..senior wildlife conservationist Dr Payne and Dr Zainal.

 site location

 beautiful water fall at site 3

a majestic water fall at site 2... unfortunately too good to be spoiled for micro hydro

Panaromic view of the site 4.. this is the site that have potential up to 40Kw

 meeting si Puntung.. the female Sumatran Rhino currently at Interim Rhino Facility. Si Puntung lost one of her front feet from a poacher's snare.

not very hard to spot wildlife at this place.. they even come to you!

i hope to come back again to Tabin.. look forward for a micro hydro project at this great conservation place..

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