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TONIBUNG Innovative Skills Training Center
The Project

TONIBUNG’s distinct approach to community-based electrification involves training on-site operators who display a high level of aptitude and interest in renewable energy project development.  The main objective is to continue educating these operators so that they are able to lead their communities into a clean energy future.  Trainings will be held at the assembly center in Nampasan, Sabah, and will be broken up into several training modules that cover classroom, workshop and field exercises, culminating in the design, implementation and evaluation of a micro-hydro project at the site of Kampung Tiku, in Sabah’s Crocker range.   The complete Innovative Skills Training program will cover a number of technologies in Green Empowerment’s extensive repertoire of renewable resource development, including: micro-hydro, solar photovoltaic, wind, biogas, biomass, biosand filtration and hydraulic ram pumps.

  • To conduct a series of upgrades for our Innovative Skills Training Center (ISTC), that will enable TONIBUNG to provide students with a well-equipped facility and healthy learning atmosphere. 
  • To provide fifteen selected members of marginalized communities with skills in renewable resource management and entrepreneurship.
  •  To involve those fifteen community members in the development of a micro-hydro project at the site of Kampung Tiku, providing the Tiku community’s 150 residents with a clean source of electricity. 
  • To lay the foundations towards empowering a generation of renewable energy leaders, providing development alternatives that do not compromise cultural integrity and the natural environment. 
  • To optimize and diversify off-grid electricity access and climate change adaptation solutions through the development of micro-hydro, solar, wind and biomass projects.   

Completed Projects

Micro-Hydro in Long Lawen, Sarawak (2002)

Micro-Hydro in Kg. Terian, Sabah (2005)

Micro-Hydro in Kg. Bantul, Sabah (2004)

Micro-Hydro in Bario Asal, Sarawak (2006)

Micro-Hydro in Kg. Buayan, Sabah (2009)

Micro-Hydro in Kg. Lumpagas, Sabah (2010)

Micro-Hydro in Mundung Abun, Sarawak (2010)

Micro-Hydro in Tanjung Rambai, Selangor (2010)

Micro-Hydro in Kg. Saliman, Sabah (2011)

Micro-Hydro in Kg. Inakaak, Sabah (2011)


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