Monday, 30 April 2012

MHP Turbines Pre-delivery test

We are proud to announce that the Pre-delivery test of the turbine for Babalitan MHP have been a success. hopefully by July we can get the turbine on site and ready for installation and commisioning.

 The nearly completed turbine for Long Lamai

 Representatives from Ranhill to observe the pre-delivery test of Babalitan MHP turbine

Turbine for Babalitan MHP undergoing test at HEKSA Hydro Facility in Bandung, Indonesia

Friday, 13 April 2012

Long Lamai Micro Hydro Project

We have just started a new micro hydro project in Penan community of Long Lamai, Baram, Sarawak. this project is initiated by UNIMAS ISITI-CoERI as part of project to bridge the digital gap. Project is supported by JAPAN ODA. Our team have just concluded the final detailed survey and design. Project target to be completed by Christmas 2012, but this all depends on the logistics and gotong royong

Telecentre at Long Lamai

Measuring the crossection of the river to estimate the flow

 Measuing head and taking point to generate topography for Penstock line

Panaromic View of SK Long Lamai

Monday, 9 April 2012

Babalitan MHP progress

Just came back from our field trip to Kg. Babalitan to monitor the progress of the Micro hydro project. The construction of the community based micro hydro system is well on the way. we have sent the last batch of HDPE pipes for the penstock and started to the materials for the distribution cable. We hope that if everything goes well, all the civil works can be completed by May. Stay tuned for progress of this project

Loading pipes and other materials to long boats at Kuala Salong jetty

Community loading pipes to boats

Monitoring the progress at Intake 1. Weir and small sluice gate is completed. intake 2 have just started construction. hope to complete by end of this month (April 2012)

HDPE pipes on site

Carrying HDPE penstock pipes to site.

Using Butt welding machine to joint the HDPE pipe on site

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Site Visit to Orang Asli Village of Kg. Ulu Semul & Sagong, Pos Betau, Raub, Pahang

We conducted a site visit with Yayasan Daya Diri to Kg Ulu Semul and Sagong to explore the posibility of implementing a community based micro hydro system for the two Orang Asli Village. The proposed Micro Hydro system will have an output of 20Kw and should be able to provide 24hrs electricity to this two Semai Orang Asli community.

 View of Kg Ulu Semul

 Interaction with Orang Asli community

 Orang Asli making roofing from Bertam leaves

 Discussion with Orang Asli community

Sungai Kenip, where the micro hydro will be built

Imbak Canyon Conservation Area Micro Hydro feasibility study

We just concluded a full feasibility study for micro hydro power system at Imbak Canyon Conservation Area. we also explored other renewable energy options for ICCA. Hopefully the Micro hydro will be developed by Yayasan Sabah. It was a very challenging task especially with the weather condition, but dispite all that we completed the study in time.

 view of  Imbak falls

 Measuring the cross section of the stream

 Crossing the swollen Imbak River

The survey team. L-R. Patrick, Banie, Johan and Stanis