Monday, 9 April 2012

Babalitan MHP progress

Just came back from our field trip to Kg. Babalitan to monitor the progress of the Micro hydro project. The construction of the community based micro hydro system is well on the way. we have sent the last batch of HDPE pipes for the penstock and started to the materials for the distribution cable. We hope that if everything goes well, all the civil works can be completed by May. Stay tuned for progress of this project

Loading pipes and other materials to long boats at Kuala Salong jetty

Community loading pipes to boats

Monitoring the progress at Intake 1. Weir and small sluice gate is completed. intake 2 have just started construction. hope to complete by end of this month (April 2012)

HDPE pipes on site

Carrying HDPE penstock pipes to site.

Using Butt welding machine to joint the HDPE pipe on site

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