Sunday, 4 October 2015

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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Major challenge faced in 2014: The Penampang Floods

An aerial view of the devastation from the floods that hit Penampang

Moyog River bursts its banks, Land becomes sea of water. this photo was taken in front of CREATE

our workshop was totally flooded. The flood waters raised rapidly most of the heavy equipment was not saved from the flood waters

Elevron, one of our trainee playing around with a surf board

Gabe's surf board was used to rescue Linggang the Dog

while waiting for the flood to reside, our staff and trainees too opportunity to do some fishing

this is what we find after the flood waters resides. Our machinery was severely affected and our workshop is full of mud and sand 

our store room where we have our tools was also full of mud

everything is in a mess

mud is everywhere

Now the hard work for the cleanup

we have setup our own group called "Penampang Broom Army"

Penampang Broom Army in action

we had to take water from nearby drain for the cleanup- don't want to waste treated water to wash all the mud

All hands on deck

Thanks to all who helped in the Gotong Royong