Sunday, 28 December 2014

TONIBUNG successfully installed 5th Micro Hydro Turbine for 2014

Team Tonibung have reached new milestone after successfully installed 5th Micro hydro turbine for 2014, two more turbines compared to 3 units in 2013. This new milestone was part of the current effort by Tonibng to up-scale its Micro Hydro works in Malaysia through support from Lundin Foundation which has enable Tonibung to invest more on Human resources, Tools and training for our team members.  The following are some of the pictures taken during installation of the 5th Micro Hydro system, a 18kw Capacity Crossflow Turbine at Pa' Ramapuh, Bario, Sarawak

 Transporting Heavy loads of equipment to the Power house site

Assembling on site the electro mechanical equipment

Preparing the turbine and generator foundations

mixing concrete. the correct mixture and consistency of the concrete mix is important

getting ready for the concrete pour

pouring the concrete to the foundation with the turbine pre-align and levelled

Halfway during the concrete pour, the Generator is aligned and leveled

finishing the concrete works for the coundations

The turbine and Generator 

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