Sunday, 28 December 2014

Turbine Fabrication at CREATE Borneo up and running

2014 marks a new chapter for Tonibung as we have developed our full capacity to fabricate and assemble micro hydro turbines locally at our Centre for Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technologies (CREATE) in Penampang, Sabah.

we were joined by new team of local technicians that have the skills to machine and fabricate parts of the micro hydro turbines. This is also made possible through Grant support from the National Geographic Society through the Great Energy Challenge program.

The turbine design are from over 15 years of experience in developing community based micro hydro in Malaysia. Also the years of partnership with Green Empowerment that have built the capacity of Tonibung to its current level. 

Tonibung also invested extensively on machinery and manpower to enable the Fabrication of Micro Hydro turbines. So far Tonibung is focussing of Pelton and Turgo turbine designs, but start venturing other types such as Crossflow and Kaplan turbine to have better range of selection for turbine to meet the needs of the sites that we are developing community based Micro hydro Projects.

From Sketches to actual turbine prototypes, Tonibung team of technicians assisted by our international interns continues to refine the designs and fabrication techniques.  

Training of local technicians have been Tonibung's main targets for 2014, up to date Tonibung have trained over 15 community micro hydro operators and 8 technicians capable of conducting feasibility studies, construction and installation of micro hydro system in remote areas. we hope 2015 will bring more development and continued support for our work.

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